The Darkest Dawn

A waking nightmare

They say that, in the end, your life flashes before your eyes. What a joke.

My life must have been too boring. Instead of my past I saw something else, something that made my blood run cold, if hadn’t been cold enough already.

Minutes Before

“Dax! Lookout!”

I had just enough time to look and see a laser blast fire through Dax’s right shoulder, dropping him to his knees. His brother desperately fighting behind the droid guardian of the tomb in which we had been trapped. Thinking quickly, I pulled my blaster cannon from around my shoulder and took aim. Just one clear shot was all I needed.

I was so focused on targeting its chest I never saw the small missile fire from its back launcher. I heard the missile fire, and lowered my blaster to look at my death. Time seemed to slow down, the missile gradually making its way towards me. I could dodge it, I knew that I could, but my body refused to move. All I could do was watch as it closed the distance.

NO! This isn’t supposed to be how it ends! Not here! All my will went into ducking just as the missile traveled past me and detonated upon the stone wall behind me. I felt the explosion more than heard it. Possibly because I was blasted across the room in mere nanoseconds, hitting the far wall with a sickening crack. I had just enough consciousness to pray that it was the stone wall cracking and not my bones.

The room was spinning, and I could hear nothing but a faint ringing. Squinting, I could still see Tripp fighting with the droid. Looking down, I saw that I was still holding my blaster, but it was covered in blood. That wasn’t there before, was it? I could feel my body starting to fall asleep, and I knew this was my last chance.

My arms felt like lead, the cybernetic servo implants must have been damaged in the blast. I cursed my luck for not being naturally stronger, like most of my kind. What was seconds felt like hours as I struggled to lift the blaster. I wouldn’t be able to aim, just hope that I fired true. Tripp turned in time to see me holding my cannon and dove for the ground.

A snarl formed on my lips as I pulled the trigger. The air reeked of ozone as my gun fired, the large laser blast tearing through the droid’s chest as if it were paper. I smiled as the droid sparked and started to fall to the ground, feeling myself collapse as well. Then everything went dark.

I’ve never been one to trust the Force. That much power for one person to control the minds of others never sat well with me. Power was one thing, but a person’s mind is their own, not a jedi’s plaything. I know it’s petty, but I tend to blame all my downfalls on the Force. All the lives I’ve seen snuffed out, all the mindless wars; the Force was never there to save them; to care whether or not they saw another sunrise. Yet these jedi believe in it as if it will solve all their problems, they have faith.

I have faith too. I have faith in my friends aboard the Nexus Torrent, I have faith that I will find Ova Rule someday. I have faith that I will never get a good bargain on spare parts for my ship. But the Force… it can go jump in a black hole for all I care.

Maybe that’s why the Force seems to take pleasure in torturing me. I curse it as I breathe the air around me. I knew I had closed my eyes, but images and scenes began to fly past them.

First there was the dunerunner brothers opening the sealed force chamber, revealing a cloaked figure. The galaxy’s last hope. Another of us standing outside the temple, scores of jedi writhing and limping towards us like zombies. They have fallen.

My friends from Nexus Transports, who rescued me from a life of prison and shared in my hope to reunite with Ova, piled upon one another in a bloody mess. Get up! Please don’t leave me! Looking up I see my ship flying away from me, and feel betrayal in my heart. I believed in you!

The jungle, rushing by as I am running from something, fear slowly giving way to anger as I fire my blaster into the sky in an attempt at releasing my rage. No more! A shuttle crashing through the canopy of the trees just above my head.

A fierce battle near the wreckage of the shuttle. Lines drawn as force master fights force master, brother against brother, and myself in the middle. Why me? I see a lightsaber fall next to me, and know that I can fix it. Throwing in a spare power cell, I run to him. Is that really who I think it is? I get about half-way and searing pain encompasses my body. Though my vision begins to blur, I can see the lightsaber roll to him. The light begins to fade, and I know the end has come. This is not how it was supposed to be! I WILL not let this be! Wake up, Telekrin!

“Wake up, Telekrin!”

I scream as I am shaken awake. I see Tripp above me holding my shoulder, his other hand holding his outstretched arm as I can see fresh burn marks. Looking past Tripp, I can see the fallen droid still sparking in the corner.

“I need your help, Dax has been injured badly and needs medical aid,” Tripp coughs.

I look to where Dax fell and see his face is paler than normal. I look back to Tripp and nod.

“Alright, help me over,” I say as I struggle to stand.

Trip moves his good arm behind my back and helps me rise, and we start making our way to Dax.

“Are you alright?” Tripp asks between clenched teeth. Holding up a Trandoshan, even one of my size, was still hard work.

“Yeah,” I grimace as the horrible images slowly fade from my inner eye, “I just had a bad dream.”

Force or not, I will not let what I’ve seen come to pass. I will not let those I care for die!


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A waking nightmare

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