Airin Kirari

Male human, Captain of "Nexus Torrent"


Airin Kirari is one of the “Kirari tripletts,” a nickname given to the three siblings, despite it’s inaccuracy. Airin is the oldest, and he is often a coy and soft-spoken individual with a strong love of celestial bodies and stellar constellations. Though he is rather mild-mannered in comparison to his siblings, he shares the Kirari knack for flirtations, and never passes on an opportunity to mingle with the opposite sex.

Before it’s untimely impound on Hapes, Airin captained the Gallant, a midsize freighter owned by “Nexus Transports.” After the loss of his ship, Airin took on the role of Captain for the newly liberated Nexus Torrent, a seemingly modern ship despite its archaic design. Though he is familiar with all aspects of operating a transport, Airin’s strength lies in his astrogation.

Never without a blaster pistol, Airin is actually a master practitioner of a rare martial art that he uses when diplomacy and guile fail to get him out of trouble.

Airin Kirari

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