Allandra Kirari

Human female, co-pilot of "Nexus Torrent"


Allandra Kirari is the middle sibling of the “Kirari Tripletts,” though she carries herself with an air of authority and purpose that often distinguishes her as the most mature. Despite her love of latest fashions, she is something of a grease monkey when it comes to ship maintenance. She is more reserved than her brother and sister, but shares the same flair for flirtations.

Allandra was the pilot and business contact/negotiator for the Gallant prior to the ship’s impounding on the planet Hapes. Together with her sister, Amber, Allandra managed to take advantage of the Hapan discrimination against males and obsession with physical beauty to disguise themselves as Hapan Security Agents, and steal a freighter from an orbital platform. The ship would later be dubbed Nexus Torrent, and Allandra became its co-pilot and primary communications officer.

Allandra entertained a brief crush on the younger Dunerunner brother, Tripp, which was quickly set aside during an awkward encounter on the planet Bespin. Currently, she watches over her sisters budding emotions with the elder Dunerunner brother, Dax, with a mix of envy and scorn.

While not as deadly with the blaster as her sister, Allandra has honed a dual-wielding style with her two specially modified blaster pistols, and despite her fondness for civility, she does not shy from violence when lives are on the line.

Allandra Kirari

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