Ambrosia "Amber" Kirari

Human female, second most wanted sentient in New Republic space


Ambrosia (or Amber, as she prefers to be called) Kirari is the youngest of the “Kirari Tripletts,” and by far the most reckless of the three. She has a tendency to never take anything seriously, and treats every situation as if it were a joking matter, which often puts her at odds with her older sister, Allandra Kirari. Despite her flippant nature, she is very protective of her siblings, and she is tenacious and unrelenting against those who earn her enmity.

Amber was the gunner aboard the Gallant, and resumed that same role aboard the Nexus Torrent. She has been said to “get into the killing spirit” a little too whole-heartedly by her siblings, but neither can argue that Amber has saved their lives with her crack shooting on more than one occassion.

After having witnessed his most unusual return from resucing both Illyana and the Mayor of Cloud City, Amber had found herself drawn to the brooding nature of Dax Dunerunner, despite the warnings of her sister.

Favoring a blaster carbine for the “stronger punch,” Amber is experienced with rifles of all caliber, though she has been known to use whatever is at hand when all else fails. She is considered the most dangerous of the Kirari’s, as she is unpredictable, and the only one of her siblings to have been able to kill someone with a clear conscious.

Her comfort level with killing received a deep reconsideration after the events at Eureka, where she assisted Telekrin in the sabotage that would send the orbital platform crashing to the surface of Telos, killing every sentient on the planet. It is estimated that 7 billion people died in the tragedy, and each and every death weighs heavily on her conscience.

After spending several days as a political prisoner aboart the Chimera, flagship of the Imperial Navy, Amber escaped along with Tripp, Dax, and Telekrin after assisting Jeret Madine and the Imperial 501st to defeat fallen Jedi Master Kyp Durron during an unexpected boarding attempt by an unknown starship.

Ambrosia "Amber" Kirari

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