Delga the Hutt

Former governor of Telos, current CEO of Andahl Industries


Formerly a governor of Telos, Delga was described briefly by Illyana as a “power hungry slug bent on undermining the regal integrity of the Telos crown. It is the narrow-minds and short sightedness of politicians like him that fuel the anti-Jedi sentiment of my people.”

Off world at the time of the destruction of Telos, Delga immediately liquidated what assets he could before emergency response teams from the New Republic could calculate his insured worth, and managed to turn a modest profit in the ensuing chaos. With that increase in funds, and traditional Hutt negotiating, he came into control of an up and coming private shipyard which he christened “Andahl Industries,” in honor of Telos’ ruling family.

Despite the fact that Hutts are notorious for their LACK of kindness, when Delga offered the first 1,000 jobs to Telosian refugees and promised to donate 25% of profits to the funding of relocation centers, he was heralded for his efforts in rebuilding the Telos culture.

Andahl Industries is located in Hutt space on a frequently travelled space lane between Toydaria and Nal Hutta.

Delga the Hutt

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