Illyana Andahl

Human female, "The Broken Princess"


(Episode I and II)

Illyana Andahl is the Princess of Telos on the run from political turmoil on her home planet of Telos IV, spear-headed by a strong Hutt presence in the system. She is well educated in all manner of both higher learning and court etiquette, though she dumbs herself down when advantageous or convenient. Illyana is Force-sensitive, and was approached at a young age by Master Kyp Durron for enrollment at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin, but a combination of Illyana’s bizarre powers and the anti-Jedi sentiment of Telos forced Kyp to withdraw the offer, and so Illyana remained untrained, even while her powers grew in both power and scope.

She was later discovered by padawans Tripp and Dax Dunerunner, and managed to convince them to take her offworld so she could escape the inevitable firestorm of her political rivals.

Illyana has a cheerful disposition and is infatuated with technology and electronics of all kinds. Her unique attunement to the Force allows her to see electronic components as part of the Living Force, and as a result, she is able to manipulate machines and droids the way a Jedi can manipulate organic material. Her powers have endangered both her and those she travels with more than once, but she has since learned a great deal of control, and no longer poses a deadly threat by her mere presence alone.

After having met with the Jedi Council, Illyana was assigned Trip Dunerunner as her master, due to the bond she had forged with him from previous travels. She is eager to learn more about the ways of the Jedi, and hopes to return home to Telos one day and put an end to the anti-Jedi sentiment of her people.

(Episode III)

Illyana has been revealed as one of the key players in the war between the New Republic and the mysterious droid forces, betraying her former master, Tripp Dunerunner, on the forest moon of Yavin 4. Her motivations for remaining with the Jedi for as long as she did remains a mystery.

Serving as the living battery for “Darksaber,” Illyana was responsible for the deaths of countless Jedi Knights, and a handful of Masters.

She was last seen aboard Eureka, and it is unclear as to whether or not she survived the station’s catastrophic descent towards the planet of Telos. Whatever her motivations, it is clear that if she IS alive, the destruction of her home planet and all its people will drive her even deeper into darkness…

Illyana Andahl

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