Former Chief Engineer of "Nexus Transports," currently Lead Field Mechanic for Kuat Shipyards


No one knows how Ova Ruul came upon such a gifted mechanic, but Inkani has proven time and time again that its capacity for electronics and mechanics knows no bounds. Specializing in ship-based configurations, Inkani has serviced every ship affiliated with “Nexus Transports” at one point or another, and was the only technician allowed to make repairs and modifications to the company’s flagship, Hospice.

Since the disappearance of Ova Ruul, Inkani has since found work on the famed Kuat Shipyards, where its engineering aptitude compensates for the many language barriers it faces. Speaking Bocce when communicating with others, Inkani often speaks to itself in its native language when working or otherwise pre-occupied.

Inkani possesses few traits native to its species, often times surprising strangers with its strong grasp of the galaxy at large. Though often times slow to anger, Inkani has little patience for those who look down on it based solely off the stereotypes of its species.


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