Irri Bleakborn

Human female, Nightsister from Dathomir


First met under mysterious circumstances aboard the Victory-class Star Destroyer, Herald’s Call, Irri was seen wielding Ganner Rhysode’s lightsaber shortly after his death. She made an attempt to seal the crew of Endurance inside the docking bay where their ship was impounded, but the crew were able to power up the ship in time to escape.

Irri Bleakborn is the sister of the recently deceased Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium, Teneniel Djo. It is believed that Irri is on a quest to avenge the murder of her sister, as she does not believe the rumors that Teneniel’s death was a suicide.

Irri was last seen crashing Herald’s Call into the Eureka space station during the assault to disable Darksaber, supposedly as a favor owed to Luke Skywalker.

Irri Bleakborn

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