Jeret Madine

Captain of the 501st Imperial Stormtrooper Legion


Nephew of the esteemed Rebel General and Imperial traitor Crix Madine, Jeret overcame a lot of prejudice against the family name in his bid for his current rank as Captain of the most elite squad of Stormtroopers in the entire galaxy. Having served in the Empire of the Hand, Jeret gained renown not only within Chiss space, but within the Imperial Remnant as well. After impressing a travelling Pelleon during a routine inspection, Jeret earned the rank of Captain of the 501st, and the elite squadron was granted the task of defending the Chimera, flagship of the Imperial Navy.

The 501st enjoyed a time of relative peace until the Chimera responded to an emergency distress signal from Telos IV, where they happened upon the remains of a catastrophic battle. Grand Admiral Pelleon claimed political prisoners from the assault, and made to transport the criminals to a mutually agreed upon location with New Republic officials, when the Chimera was pulled out of hyperspace by an unknown vehicle. The unknown starship boarded the Chimera, and the 501st led the defense of the Imperial flagship.

Receiving assistance in the unlikely form of Telekrin and Amber Kirari, the very two criminals that Pelleon had taken on previously, the 501st managed to kill fallen Jedi Master Kyp Durron as he led a boarding party. Commending Telekrin and Amber’s prowess and fearlessness in the face of danger, Jeret offered them his recommendation if they ever sought to join the Imperial military.

Proud and fiercely loyal to the Imperial Remnant, Jeret is a fair man with a light heart, considering his rank. He holds no animosity against the New Republic, feeling that it offers a stability and order the Rebellion had always lacked, and fully embraces that the two governments can peacefully coexist.

Jeret Madine

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