Rraatt Dominguez

Wookie male bounty hunter


59 HP (15 WP) 4 FP

18 Str, 16 Dex, 15 Con, 12 Int, 8 Wis, 10 Cha

AC 19, Base Attack Bonus +7/+2

+7 Fort, +5 Ref, +1 Will

Ranked skills: Pilot, Astrogate, Computer Use, Intimidate, Repair, Gather Information

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bowcaster), Weapon Focus (Heavy Blaster), Martial Arts, Improved Martial Arts, Starship Operation (Freighter), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot

Equipment: Combat Gloves, Heavy Blaster Pistol, Power Pack (x10) Bowcaster, Stun Cuffs (x3), Breath Mask, Toolkit, Comlink, Datapad, Medkit, Security Kit, Ascension Gun, Electrobinoculars, Thermal Detonator

Special: Rage, Recuperation


Rraatt Dominguez was hired by agents of the Telosian government to return the allegedly kidnapped Princess, Illyana Andahl, back to her father on Telos. Unbeknownst to the Wookie bounty hunter, the writ for the bounty was actually authorized by an unknown source within the political faction against the monarchy of Telos, and authorized the use of up to, and including, lethal force in the capture of the princess.

Rraatt tracked the princess’s captors to the planet Bespin, where he teamed up with Tripp and Dax Dunerunner to storm the lightly but fiercely occupied Cirrus City. After sustaining moderate injuries, Rraatt was able to find the princess, and escort her back to safety.

Upon arriving back at the docking bay housing his ship, Rraatt was confronted by an unknown Trandoshan offering double the fee for the bounty in exchange for Rraatt leaving the system without his quarry. Suspicious of the seemingly legal writ, and hardpressed to resist such a lucrative offer, Rraatt accepted the new payment, and handed Illyana back over to her companions.

Rraatt Dominguez

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