Duuz (a.k.a. Telekrin)


Tech Specialist(4) / Scoundrel (3) / Adept (2) / Engineer (1)


STR: 12 DEX: 15 CON: 16 INT: 20 WIS: 12 CHA: 13

Fort: 7 Ref: 10 Will: 10

Vitality: 68 Wound: 16

Defense: 21, Initiative: 3, Force Points: 8, Dark Side Points: 0


Melee Attack: +7 Ranged Attack: +8


Power Hammer: atk (7/2), dmg (2d102), special (DC 10 vs Fort or knocked prone)

Blaster Cannon: atk (10/5), dmg (4d81), range (40m)


Astrogate: 14,
Bluff: 10,
Computer Use: 20,
Craft(Airspeeder): 8,
Craft(Computers): 8,
Craft(Droids): 8,
Craft(Electronic Devices): 13,
Craft(Starship): 10,
Demolitions: 13,
Diplomacy: 1 (6 vs illegal trading),
Disable Device: 11,
Knowledge(Architecture): 12,
Knowledge(Engineering): 18,
Pilot: 15,
Repair: 23 (25 vs security, 27 vs anything familiar)
Treat Injury: 16


Force Sensitive, Inventor, Kit-Bashing, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Emphasis (Repair), Starship Operation (Transport)

Special Abilities

+2 Natural Armor,
MasterCrafter (Electronic Devices)
Lucky 1/day
Precise Strike +1
Illicit Bartering
Personal Designs


Basic, Bocce, Keldorian, Cerean, Dosh, Huttese


Showing natural talent with technology at a young age, Telekrin was always found tinkering at the nearest junk yard. It wasn’t until he was old enough that he was able to recommission his first starship, The Endurance, and find his second passion of flying. His piloting skills quickly became unparalleled except by his short temper. His fierce competativeness caught up with him when, in a gamble to win it big, Telekrin bet his ship in a galactic race and mysteriously lost. Cheated out of his ship and stranded, Telekrin was approached by Ova Ruul who, after seeing Telekrin’s abilities, decided to invest in the young Trandoshan and purchase the lost starship. In trade, Telekrin agreed to join Ova Ruul’s company to buy back his ship. As time passed, Telekrin developed a strong loyalty to Ova Ruul so much so that even after he was able to buy his ship back, he decided to stay with Nexus Transports.

Over the course of his piloting career, Telekrin learned that a quick tongue was far superior to a quick temper and was able to befriend many fellow pilots, such as Airin Kirari, as well as mechanics and technicians wherever his deliveries took him. On several journeys, Telekrin would often take on passengers as well as cargo, the Dunerunner brothers Tripp and Dax being repeat passengers to the point of a light friendship.

Though Telekrin’s ambition for greatness faded over time from a steady paycheck, fate stepped in once more to throw Telekrin’s world into chaos after agreeing to transport a jedi by the name of Ganner Rhysode and his 2 new padawans on a routine mission…

Duuz (a.k.a. Telekrin)

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