Tripp Dunerunner

Tripp Dunerunner is a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. He was discovered along with his older brother Dax on the planet Tatooine by Luke Skywalker 16 years after the emperor's death.


Tripp Dunerunner

STR: 9 -1
DEX: 16 +3
CON: 16 +3
INT: 17 +3
WIS: 13 +1
CHA: 12 +1

Jedi Guardian/Jedi Ace 4/1

Fort:8 Ref:9 Will:4

Vitality: 52 Wound: 16

Defense:20 (AC) Initiative: +3 Force Points:1 Dark Side Points: 1

Melee Attack: +3 Ranged Attack: +7

Weapons: Lightsaber (built) +8 2d8-1 (19-20) +6 dual wield
Lightsaber, Shoto +7 2d6-1 (19-20) +5 dual wield
Blaster Pistol +7 3d66 (20) +5 dual wield

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Force Sensitive, Jedi Deflect, Starship Operation (Starfighter), Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Group (simple), Weapon Group (Blaster Pistols), Star Fighter Defense
Alter, Control, Sense, Lightsaber Defense

Languages: Basic, Bothese, Sulustese, Ithorese, dirty knees, look at these.

Skills known: Balance, Computer Use, Knowledge (Jedi Lore), Pilot, Tumble
Force Skils: Affect Mind, Battle Mind, Farseeing, Force Stealth, Illusion, Move Object, See Force

Inventory: Blaster Pistol, Lightsaber, Lightsaber (Built), Lightsaber Shoto, Comlink, Grappling Spike Launcher, Liquid Cable Dispenser, Aquata Breather, Datapad, False ID Card (Miles Davis), Camo Belt, Shock Grenade


Brother: Dax Dunerunner

Associates: Duuz (a.k.a. Telekrin) – Pilot, friend, and possible crime lord
Airin – Captain
Amber – Crew Member
Allandra – Crew Member
Illyana – Jedi Padawan
Corran Horn – Jedi Master
Cighil – Jedi Master

Tripp Dunerunner has had a ropes course on becoming a Jedi Knight. Early on in his training his master, Ganner Rhysode, was murdered by an unknown force user. He and his brother were left to their own devices learning the ways of the force. They were cut off from the rest of the Jedi as the second Jedi Purge of the Century began. With the help of their trusted friend and college Telekrin, Master of all things mechanical, they’ve uncovered a plot to resurrect Anakin Skywalker and create a new Darth Vader. The brothers defeated Vaders Clone only to uncover a more insiduous plot to turn Jedi over to the darkside. Tripp has thus far tried to remain true to the Jedi Code, skirting at times with the darkside in only the most dire of circumstances, and atoning for his sins afterward. His brother Dax has not been as fortunate as his fall to the dark side continues, and slowly poisons his mind. The day may come where Tripp has to offer his brother an ultimatum. His brother, or the dark side.

Tripp Dunerunner

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