The Darkest Dawn

Episode II: Knightfall

“Four words have crippled the New Jedi Order: Luke Skywalker is dead. In the wake of the assassination of the great Jedi Master, a false emergency beacon led over a hundred Jedi Knights to their deaths from a secret superweapon codenamed “Darksaber.”

Tripp and Dax Dunerunner, after a harrowing escape from a cloned Anakin Skywalker, rush to the nearby Bespin system to get an urgent message to the Jedi High Council in hopes of putting together some sort of plan to defend againt the Jedi’s unseen assailant.

Meanwhile, Telekrin has uncovered key connections between Ionisys and Heron Sols, Inc that link the two to the previously believed defunct organization, Black Sun. But such discovery is about to land him, and the renegade princess of Telos in dangerous waters as the Nexus Torrent enters Bespin airspace…”

Episode 1: The Darkest Dawn
25 years after the Battle of Yavin, the New Jedi Order faces its greatest threat: extinction!

“Times are good for the New Republic, and nearly all corners of the galaxy have been brought in under its protective umbrella. However, rumors of the resurgence of a once great galactic criminal empire have begun to spread, and with it, pirate and bandit gangs have been banding together to harass New Republic shipping lanes.

Concerned about the Jedi’s role in the New Republic’s government, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has dispatched three jedi to investigate a possible hideout of bandit activity deep in the Transitory Mists of the Hapes system. Aboard the merchant ship Endurance, the jedi, along with crew of their courier, prepare to exit hyperspace within the quadrants gravity well…”

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