Reflections at the shipyards of Kuat

Reflections at the shipyards of Kuat Tragedy struck once again. Grief and pain seem to be making regular stops now, on a set schedule to the Jedi. Almost as if the Force itself has seen it fit to punish us for some kind of past arrogance. Perhaps some Jedi have deserved some punishment, but not all, and certainly not those it has hit the hardest.

The long dead Sith Lord Exar Kun has come back to life. He was able to resurrect himself through some kind of ritual that was performed by Mara Jade Skywalker involving members of her family. I would say the Skywalker-Solo family has been hit the hardest by grief, but there is very little family left to grieve. And those that do will most likely be useless to our cause. The Galaxy needs saving, and there will be no Rebellion hero to the rescue. The torch has been passed to us, the young Jedi Knights to see this darkness through.

Kam Solusar is dead. Cighal is dead. Kyp Durron has succumbed to the Dark Side. Corran Horn remains the last pillar of hope to a group of young Jedi Knights looking for a leader. I sense he does not approve of this mantle being thrust upon him, and if he had his way he would cast it off as quickly as it was laid down. That’s what makes him stronger than those that have failed. He does not want this power, this responsibility; but he will accept it for the time being as a necessary encumbrance that he must endure. I am comforted by the fact that he has survived this long, yet disturbed by how easily the other Masters were defeated.

I watched Master Solusar die. It was quicker than the Jedi Sword master deserved. He was the best dualist the New Order could produce and he was struck down in a matter of seconds. Master Durron’s fight with the dark one was no more impressive. He tried his best to land a strike on the abomination called Sith without ever coming close. Kyp even drew on the Dark Side of the force to augment his ability and enhance his rage to no avail. He was made to look foolish; like a youngling taking on a Master with a practice saber. If it wasn’t so tragic it would have been embarrassing.

After watching all of this happened we were able to grab Master Horn and a few other young knights and flee the station. A young, fledgling order of Jedi that once numbered in the thousands has been reduced to a couple handfuls of unproven, raw Knights, and their single Master. We have also learned there is weakness in our ranks. Exar Kun’s dark energies entered all those who were near and easily turned the hearts of some knights to evil. This does not make them any less virtuous then I, but it does make them possible liabilities in battle. It is tough enough identifying the evil in front of you, let alone be weary of the one that lurks behind.

We have gathered at Kuat. Originally our ship captain and I chose it as a refueling station, and a place where we could gather supplies for Telekrin to patch up the ships. However, since our incidental stop off as Selonia became a rescue mission, this was to become a safe haven. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think so as it seems the entire New Republic fleet has gathered here. I’m not sure what to expect when we arrive at the shipyards but I’ve been informed that the Supreme Republic Commander will be meeting with us personally. We will be in the presence of greatness. I suppose we have done a few things to warrant such attention, but personally I still feel like the young anonymous kid from the dessert planet. The feeling like I’m constantly trying to keep my head above water is starting to fade. I’m finally able to sustain myself above the water, only to see the next large wave come racing forward and crash over me. I fear the next one that hits will most likely drown my compatriots as well as myself.

So far every move has been made by the enemy; by this dark force that we hadn’t been able to put a face to. Hopefully now that the dangers have been revealed it will be our turn to make a move, and force our opponent’s hand. We are still Jedi, and we are still Strong.


This addendum does not come as an afterthought, or some kind of late realization. Rather, it was something that should have started this entry, but I needed more time to put the thoughts and words together.

Dax is slipping faster into Darkness than I ever imagined possible. After our mission to the research space station facility we took on two passengers we needed to question about their work there. One met an unfortunate end as a blaster misfired. An understandable if not baffling mishap. However, the second one was met with a fate that did not lie in the Grey area, but firmly rested in the Black. The man was scared and on the verge of hysterical. He did not understand who we were and why we were there. If he had just given us the time to explain we were Jedi and we only wanted to ask him questions things might have turned out differently. But he asked for death, and being the dark and twisted person he has become, Dax was quick to oblige. He stuck the hilt of his Saber to the man’s throat and switched it to the on position. The crew froze. I froze. It was like what happened didn’t happen aboard that ship but in a holodrama on the vidnet.

Every time he does something unexpected, or out of character, I am surprised. Why? He has come so far on his dark journey that I should start to expect these things. It has gotten to the point where I should be surprised when he does something good, for those times have become few and far between.

He was attacked on the station at Selonia by a couple of Knights who were under the Dark Lord’s influence. Sensing his danger I rashly left Illyana to leap to his rescue. It was like a natural reflex that I could not suppress. For as long as I can remember big brother Dax has always been there for me, and it felt natural to be there for him. When I arrived we made short order of the unfortunate Jedi. I could sense malevolence in Dax that had not been there moments before. I fear he may have been drawing on the dark side during the fight, but I have no further evidence other than the darkness that was swirling around and engulfing him. He has been through a lot, but it’s time I stopped using that as an excuse for his behavior, and started treating it as the cause of his behavior. He has gone too far and it’s time he turned the corner. He has become like a junkie, addicted to the dark side of the force, and I must treat him as such.

Reflections at the shipyards of Kuat

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