• Airin Kirari

    Airin Kirari

    Male human, Captain of "Nexus Torrent"
  • Allandra Kirari

    Allandra Kirari

    Human female, co-pilot of "Nexus Torrent"
  • Ambrosia "Amber" Kirari

    Ambrosia "Amber" Kirari

    Human female, second most wanted sentient in New Republic space
  • Corran Horn

    Corran Horn

    Human male Jedi Master from the planet Corellia
  • Dax Dunerunner

    Dax Dunerunner

    Fallen Jedi Knight
  • Delga the Hutt

    Delga the Hutt

    Former governor of Telos, current CEO of Andahl Industries
  • Illyana Andahl

    Illyana Andahl

    Human female, "The Broken Princess"
  • Inkani


    Former Chief Engineer of "Nexus Transports," currently Lead Field Mechanic for Kuat Shipyards
  • Irri Bleakborn

    Irri Bleakborn

    Human female, Nightsister from Dathomir
  • Jeret Madine

    Jeret Madine

    Captain of the 501st Imperial Stormtrooper Legion
  • Ova Ruul

    Ova Ruul

    Kel Dorian male, owner of "Nexus Transports" freighter company
  • Rraatt Dominguez

    Rraatt Dominguez

    Wookie male bounty hunter
  • Tripp Dunerunner

    Tripp Dunerunner

    Tripp Dunerunner is a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. He was discovered along with his older brother Dax on the planet Tatooine by Luke Skywalker 16 years after the emperor's death.
  • Veeto


    Rodian bounty hunter
  • Yelic Hienh

    Yelic Hienh

    Sullustan slicer on Abregado-Rae
  • Yoss Tarpals

    Yoss Tarpals

    Male Gungan padawan of Tripp Dunerunner